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Long Tail Pro Platinum Review- The Best Keyword Research Tool

Long tail platinum review
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Long Tail Pro ( Platinum ) Review
Long Tail Pro is a must need a tool if you are into SEO and rankings on Google. LTP provides all the information at one place making it easy to use & saves time.
Uses Majestic Data
Provides all the information regarding ranking sites
Show's Average Amazon reviews for that keyword
Data can be Exported
Needs to Pay yearly / Monthly
Takes time to extract information
Can't get Exact Search volume of keywords
Out of 10

In this article, we will discuss one of the best keyword research tool, i.e., Long Tail Pro. ( Long Tail Platinum ) Google has several factors to rank a site in its search engine and it’s needless to say keywords are the backbone of that. Here is a quote about Keywords

You should win half of the battle of ranking in Keyword Research it self.

The effort you invest in finding profitable low competition keywords that subsequently will reduce the effort you would need to invest in your website building. So here is a tool ( Long Tail Pro ) which will help you to find profitable keywords and also provides you with insights on the possibility of ranking of your blog for that keyword.

Detail Review of Long Tail Pro

Long tail platinum review

What is Long Tail Pro (LTP)?

So here is the basic question on LTP ( long tail pro ). LTP is a keyword research tools which is developed by Spencers Haws, owner of Niche Pursuits website in 2011. He was not satisfied with the existing keyword research tools, so he came up with the LTP.It termed as the perfect Keyword Research tool for everyone.

Update : Spencers Haws has sold out 80% off share of LTP.

If you are searching for an automated tool, then LTP is all yours. It’s the most advanced automated tool for Keyword Research. All you need to do is paste your keywords and boom. You will get the whole data regarding your keywords about the search volumes, CPC, KC ( keyword Competitive score ), etc.

Features of LTP ( Long Tail Pro / Long Tail Platinum )

Here are some of the notable features of LTP

Checking Keyword Competitiveness

When you go with other traditional keyword research tool, they will present you with Search volume and CPC but no information will be provided on how difficult is that keyword to rank. In LTP, you will get an estimated value about the difficulty in ranking a specific keyword.

This is calculated by various factors like TF ( Trust Flow ) , CF ( Citation Flow ), Age of the site and quality of backlinks of the sites which are ranking in front page of Google.

Long Tail Pro Platinum

In the above snap, the first left column contains all the relevant keywords and the last right column which give you a score between 1 to 100 which indicates how tough its to rank that keyword.

Usually, Keyword Competitiveness below 50 is preferable to rank. Lower the score; lower is the effort to rank that keyword.

Export Results

Now, after the results are obtained, you can export them into excel file. Export option is present at the top right of the interface. All the data will be presented in Excel form and you can easily go through it.

Other options

All the other basic options are present in this LTP software like sorting, calculating, etc. When you click on the specific keyword then TF, CF, the number of external links, internal links, etc. Everything will be shown.

All these data are gathered from Google Adwords and TF ( Trust Flow ), CF ( Citation Flow ) are gathered from Majestic.

Note: Earlier they have used DA ( Domain Authority ), PA ( Page Authority ) from Moz but due to the monthly update from Moz and delay, they have decided to shift from Moz to Majestic. As majestic is much more reliable and faster.


  • Relatively Accurate when compared to other SEO tools
  • Uses Majestic data which is updated frequently than Moz
  • Keyword Search Volume, CPC etc everything will be under single hood.
  • List of sites ranking on first page of Google is listed along with Site age, number of links, TF,CF etc.


  • Speed of tool is slow even though you have very good Internet connection
  • Need to pay yearly or monthly.
  • Due to recent Adwords update exact searches will not be shown.

Pricing Plans

There are 3 Plans for Long Tail pro ( Long Tail Platinum ) which are billed Monthly or Annually. Going with the Annual plan will help you save few bucks. You can check the discount which you can get by going with Annual plan in below image. ( Striked price is for monthly and by going with Annual plan, you will be billed at discounted amount 33%.)

Long tail pro Pricing Plans

All the three plans are similar the only difference is the keyword searches per month.

By going with Starter plan, you will get 10,000 searches per month.

Pro Plan will be give 25,000 keyword searches per month. ( The Best One )

Agency Plan is with 60,000 keyword searches per month.


Long tail Pro is undoubtely the best keyword research & Keyword competitor checker tools. This SEO tool is one of the accurate tool out there in market. With all the details of TF,CF, CPC, Search volume, Age of domain, Backlinks, LTP is one stop destination for all the research related to Google Search Engine Rankings.

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