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SEMrush Review – All in One SEO tool

Semrush Review 2016
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Ranking in Google is not easy with so many new websites launched daily and a hell lot of countless posts which are published every minute. So what you need to do is stand out of the crowd by writing unique and worthy content and get rewarded. Even though there are a lot of articles on Google but the only top 10 ( to be precise the top 3 ) will only get the most number of clicks turning them into good conversion rate. So, all you need to do is a blend of smart work and hard work with a bit of tactical thinking and rank in Google.

So, here is a tool for all that quick work to be done, which will automate your work and reduce the burden of finding profitable keywords, spy competitors, analyzing backlinks and much more.


Let’s get into the detailed review on Semrush and also it’s functionalities.

Semrush Review 2016

Overview & Features of SEMRUSH

What is Semrush?

Semrush is an online SEO tool which provides you all the details about Online marketing. Semrush makes the task easy and simple with a click go; you can perform keyword research, SEO audit of the website and much more. Its geographical location feature is just awesome with support to over 29 countries including US, UK, Australia, India, etc.

Some of them may be familiar with Chrome extension or Firefox add-on of SEO Quake. Semrush is a product of SEO Quake. You can get keywords data related to any search query. Currently, they have one of the largest databases of domains & keywords.

Wonder! How does Semrush get such huge data? Here is the Answer.

Here is the Answer to the question from David Black, the Head of Customer Relations and Video Content Development at SEMrush when asked by Rae Hoffman.

Rae Hoffman: You offer estimated traffic data for sites. How do you determine how much traffic a site is receiving without access to their analytics? Additionally, You provide a listing of keywords you (SEMRush) believe drive traffic to a site. How are you identifying those keywords and how does Google’s recent move to 100% secure search (not provided) affect your ability to identify those keywords (if at all)?

David Black: We take a database of the top 95 million keywords worldwide and automatically query each keyword on a basis. Sometimes, as often as every day, depending on the popularity of the keyword. Then, we record the first two pages of search results for each keyword and parse that source data to determine which domains rank for these keywords and where

Let’s get into the detail and  in depth about this excellent SEO tool

Organic Research (Keywords )

Organic Research is the option to find, how much traffic is that website is getting from search engines and also for what all the keywords the site is ranking in Google.

  • Go to your account Dashboard
  • Type a site name and select Organic Research from drop down menu
  • Press Enter

Here is an example of Organic Research of site.

You can select country-specific search by selecting country at top left and also view for mobile versions as well.

  • That red line in graphic is an update of database by semrush


Semrush Organic Research

When you scroll down, you will get the complete information about individual keywords


Semrush CPC details

  • volume: It’s usually the average monthly searches for that particular keyword
  • Pos: Position in Google for that keyword.
  • CPC: CPC ( Cost Per Click ) Its the amount that an AdWords advertiser are willing to pay per click
  • SERP: SERP ( Search Engine Ranking Position ), it’s the position in Google search for that specific keyword
  • KD: KD ( Keyword Difficulty ), it is just an estimated value of how difficult it would be ranking for that keyword
  • Export: You can also use Export option and download all these keywords in Excel file.


Backlinks are crucial for ranking keywords in Google. The toughest is building backlinks for a site. This process can be simplified by spying on competitor backlinks using Semrush tool.

  • Go to your account Dashboard
  • Type a site name and select Backlinks from drop down menu
  • Press Enter

Here are the backlinks of site

Semrush Backlinks


You can see all the links pointed to semrush site and also diversification of that links whether it does follow or no follow and also the type of links. This is one such great feature in this tool and using this you can simplify your backlinks building strategy.

Ad Research

There are couple of options which deals with advertisements, they are

  • Advertising Research
  • Video advertising (beta )
  • Display Advertising (beta )
  • Ads History

All these above options which give you a real insight into the advertising networks they use for their particular websites and also the type of ads for Google ad words.

Other Features

  • Domain vs. Domain

Which will help you compare your site with your competitor so that you can verify in which department your lagging with the other site and also checking for a room for improvement

  • Site Audit

Site Audit is one such feature where you can see the SEO drawbacks in your site and correct it to boost your rankings. In analyzes the each & every part of the SEO aspect of the site and shows us the errors and warnings to rectify it.

Boost Blog Traffic using SEMRUSH

Here are some actionable tips to boost blog traffic and earn $$$$ using above-discussed features of SEMRUSH ( This section will be updated regularly, as we find some new methods.)

  • Finding Profitable Keywords

When we talk about blog traffic or ranking, the first thing to do is finding profitable keywords.Finding profitable keywords is not as easy as you think, it takes a lot of time & experience to do it. By using SEMrush, we will eliminate that high time-consuming procedure. Just go to Semrush dashboard and enter any one of the websites you know and get all the keywords of the competitor and analyze them and shortlist them. Repeat the steps with other sites and sort them out.

You can get a detail description about how to use above technique which is named as Sweat Steal Technique by Iftekhar Ahmed in his blog IftiSEO ( Ahrefs account used here in this technique, you can use SEMrush account too ) Check it out.

  • Build High-Quality Backlinks

As I said earlier, Backlinks are key to rank. But it doesn’t mean that you should create them in a heave, this could make you fall under Google radar. So if you have a question on how does the site ranking on top of the google, you can just paste the URL and spy over there backlinks and build the same. In this process, you can encounter some diversified link building strategy and techniques and also the variations in anchor texts they use. You can check what type of links are working at present for ranking a site; it may be

  • Directory submissions
  • comment links
  • Forums
  • Web 2.0
  • Profile links
  • Infographics
  • PBN links


Plans & Pricing

Pricing Details of Semrush


Semrush has three plans which start from $69.95 per month to $549.95 per month. The above picture is of monthly billing, if you want some discount and looking for long term usage, you can go for yearly plan and save $110.

Semrush Guru Plan


  • PRO Plan

This is the basic plan and good for beginners who want to try their hands on this tool. You can add up to 5 projects with 500 keywords to track and 1,00,000 pages to crawl. You will be given access to 10,000 results per report and 3000 reports per day which will easily fit into some beginner level tweaking.

  • GURU Plan ( Recommended )

Guru plan which is the best plan out of three and my favorite one. This will give access to 30,000 results per report and 5000 reports per day. With over 50 projects and 1500 keywords to track this will serve the purpose of medium size business and also for some established online marketers.


The business plan is for large companies and with at that price, you will be given unlimited access to projects and can get every tiny bit of information from semrush.The best buy in this plan will be going with annual purchase rather than monthly billing where you can save $1100.

If you want some modifications in above plan or have any custom plan, you can add your custom plan and get that. Go to this link and at the bottom, there is a link ” Request your Custom Plan ” click that and fill out details.


Semrush is one awesome and all in one SEO tool for everyone. You will not regret your investment in this tool and will turn your investment into profits. If you have any queries or problems related to Semrush, please express them in comments and we will try to solve it out.

Semrush Review 2016
Semrush Review
Semrush is one of the best SEO tool out there and with some awesome features and perfect pricing, this will be the best SEO tool which will prove value to your money.
Reliability 8
Plenty of features
Inbuilt SEO Audit & other usefull options
Relatively low pricing
Database is limited
Monthly / Yearly Pay
Out of 10

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