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BlueHost Review – Shared & Cloud hosting for WordPress

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In the current scenario of web development, app development, and blogging, hosting remains as a major part. In providing hosting services is one such renowned company.

BlueHost Web Hosting offers most suitable hosting plans for web developers, app developers, bloggers and too much more. In terms of speeds, bandwidth, and price delivers a unique hosting experience to its customers.

 Why Bluehost?

In the online market, undoubtedly many companies are offering hosting plans then why you would have to opt Bluehost?

  • Hosting at powerful servers which rarely goes down
  • Excellent speed & Quality
  • Relatively low price than other web hosting companies
  • No additional charges and easy to use interface

BlueHost Review

BlueHost Review

Key Features of Bluehost

Bluehost is and was a specialized shared hosting provider, but they started offering additional types of hosting’s like cloud hosting, VPS (virtual private server), dedicated servers and managed WordPress hosting.


⦿Bluehost provides a standard cPanel with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL) setup pre-installed.

⦿Primary domain registration free for 1 year with your shared hosting.

⦿Unlimited Email Accounts-create and manage unlimited email accounts with advanced features.

⦿Free automatic daily, weekly and monthly Backups with one click restore of your entire account

⦿A specialized Resource Protection technique- which temporarily reassigns those websites which using excessive resources to isolated systems. This feature in shared servers decreases the risk of resourceless to other hosting accounts and defends those sites.

⦿24×7 live chat and phone support. To solve all of your queries.

⦿Scalability– migrate from you shared hosting plan to VPS or dedicated servers with just a click. Start with a scheme of your choice later move on to your preferred plan as your website grows.

⦿Enchanced cPanel Interface– a new design with standard cPanel with additional tools to manage your files

⦿Multiserver Management– effortlessly manage all your hosting plans in a single account in a single place

⦿Assign Access Control to restrict access to different areas of your account with various unique passwords. A master password for your entire account.

⦿Advanced CDN (Content Delivery Network) integrated with CloudFlare to automatically increase performance

⦿Advanced user access management to access several developer level access like SSH access, server-side includes. Create your own php.ini files, .htaccess files.

⦿Optional yet handy features

⦿Unique IP’s- Protect your account by securing an IP address assigned to your website only.

⦿Provides SSL Certificates to encrypt the connection between server and visitor.

⦿Domain Privacy- to safeguard your identity by masking the personal information of your domain.

⦿Sitelock- Detect and fix any vulnerabilities and threats or any attacks to your website.

⦿Hassle free spam protection- filters out unwanted content like spam comments for a review to take action.

⦿Site backup pro allows you to restore and backup specific files, folders, databases, and tables.

Bluehost hosting pricing


Shared Hosting

bluehost shared hosting plans

Have a look at the above image; you will get an overview of the Bluehost’s shared hosting plans.The plans are updated ones with a price reduction from the previously updated tariff.

Basic Starter Package:

This the cheapest starter package in shared hosting. This package costs around $2.95/month for three years with this signup link. Starter package can provide hosting of a single domain with 50Gb bandwidth/month which is more than enough for a starter. It doesn’t come with a pre-installed CDN with CloudFlare, but indeed you can signup for CloudFlare CDN. Offers you to create only five email accounts with 100mb of email storage/account.

If you are planning to host more than one domain, I will suggest you opt the second package instead of the basic package.

Basic Plus Package:

This package is most popular and recommended to all the web enthusiasts. This package costs around $4.45/month for three years with this signup link. It provides countless websites hosting, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited email accounts with free CDN, a personal spam expert to filter your emails and 200$ worth marketing coupons. Offers a free domain.

If you are planning to host your site with extra features like SSL certification, dedicated I.P’s, domain privacy, then I would suggest you choose the third package which is most suitable for you.

Prime Package:

Previously this package is called as ‘business pro,’ it is appropriate for running the online marketing like e-commerce, app development and much more.

This package costs around $6.95/month for three years with this signup link. Prime package offers everything that starter package offers with free CDN, particular spam expert to filter your emails and 200$ worth marketing coupons. Offers a free domain with free extras like Domain privacy, SSL certification, dedicated I.P, site backup pro.

Shared server details in-depth
shared server details


Cloud Sites Hosting


cloud-sites provides entirely flexible cloud hosting service to their customers with three kinds of plans with distinctive features which are mostly similar.There is three primary difference between a shared hosting and cloud sites:

⦿With shared hosting you are sharing server, with thousands of sites. With Cloud sites, you are sharing server hundreds. You will see much better performance and security on the Cloud Sites.

⦿Cloud Data is mirrored on multiple servers if one server crashes you have a backup on another server. Not the same case in Shared Hosting.

⦿You will be able to handle nearly double the traffic with cloud sites than with shared hosting. The big difference is going to be the Uptime. Due to the mirrored servers, you have much less chance for downtime on the cloud the shared.

⦿In a typical shared hosting server can handle up to 5,000+ approximate traffic per day but in a cloud hosting server can handle up to 10,000+ approx traffic per day. You will be facing some slowness then after as the resources get engulfed.

Visit Cloud-Sites Hosting Plans:

StarterPerformanceBusiness Pro

⦿This is the cheapest cloud-site plan goes for $4.45/mo providing only a single domain hosting.

⦿Offering you very limited resources of 100GB storage per month with its unmetered bandwidth policy.

⦿A promising data security within those mirrored cloud devices offering you limited RAM of 2GB.

⦿Offering you an undeniable 50$ marketing coupons to advertise your content on various social sites.

⦿A very limited Email storage of 500MB and limited 100 Email accounts, which is sufficient for starters.

⦿These servers are made up of premium hardware and low-density servers including a cloud caching layer and global CDN compelling your server resources focus where they need to be.

⦿This plan goes for a little bit pricey than the starter for $5.95/mo providing unlimited domain hosting.

⦿Unmetered resources along with unmetered bandwidth with extra security support.

⦿RAM ranging up to 4GB which would naturally increase load times and enhances the handling of traffic.

⦿Unlimited email accounts and email storage, along with a Special Spam Expert.

⦿Allowing you to progress on social media with their 200$ special marketing offers.

⦿This plan is viable goes for $15.95/mo. Providing additional resources than that of performance plan

⦿Provides unlimited resources with a 6GB RAM along with unmetered storage and bandwidth.

⦿Additionally you get two spam experts for virus and spam filtering securing site from various attacks

⦿A dedicated IP which comes handy for email sender’s reputation and business identity

⦿A SSL Certificate for total encryption of the connection between visitor and server.

⦿Domain privacy for hiding domain registrant’s personal information from the public.

⦿With a one-click site backup and restore option facilitating overall website data safety.

Versatile VPS Hosting

Versatile VPS Hosting

Visit VPS Hosting Plans:

Managed Linux VPS Web Hosting With Cpanel.

⦿ is providing a next-gen VPS based on cloud technology. As your site grows you are going to upload more pages, images, and videos you need more resources, you require more speed. VPS enable your website to expand the power of your site.

⦿ Shared hosting is what most of the customers use. It works well for most of the new sites and supports moderate traffic.

⦿ VPS, on the other hand, is a high-end hosting service where instead of just sharing the full resources of a server with a lot of other people you get a very slice dedicated amount to that server something’s that guaranteed for you.

⦿ You still have the cost saving benefits of sharing actual physical hardware costs with other users while getting the dedicated resources.

⦿ A friendly cPanel interface to locate your tools and use them. Enhanced and improved technologies of VPS is more reliable and faster


⦿Uses open source of cloud computing like KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) and OpenStack the VPS provided are much powerful and easy to use.

⦿Use your server the very second you bought it and whenever you need it. Even the activation of server won’t takes much time, it all happens in instantaneously.

⦿Guranteed availability of resources at any time with their implementation of Hypervisor KVM which runs the virtual machine seamlessly.

⦿Need more CPU and storage, on the go anytime you can add additional Dynamical resources.

⦿Enhanced cPanel with Web Host Manager, or WHM, is a powerful program that allows administrative access to the back end of cPanel.

⦿With Multi-Server Management you can add more VPS, Shared and Dedicated servers effortlessly in one place.

⦿Master Access Control lets user create password and grant access to specific areas of the site.

⦿For advanced users, cPanel provide Root Access to the CentOS to control your server completely.

⦿Advanced user access management to access several developer level access like SSH access, server-side includes. Create your own php.ini files, .htaccess files.

⦿Providing SSL Certificates to safeguard personal information, e-commerce transactions and sensitive data.

⦿Domain Privacy to protect your identity by masking the personal information of your domain.

⦿Sitelock to detect and fix any vulnerabilities and threats or any attacks to your website.

⦿Site backup pro allows you to restore and backup specific files, folders, databases, and tables.

⦿Hassle free spam protection- filters out unwanted content like spam comments.

Customer Support

Bluehost has a technical team which helps its users 24 x 7 with live chat and phone chat options. Their professional team is very few in terms to match the call flow and to answer the customers in the live chat.

Their response times are average, and each representative handles a lot of clients in a single instant. Resulting in a sad satisfaction of customers experience with customer service.

Final Words About BlueHost

By the interface provided by Bluehost with its standard cPanel looks so elegant and can manage all features in a single place.

Bluehost hosting is affordable if compared to other hosting providers. Bluehost is a decent hosting service with average customer support.

The only drawback is in the starter pack having the limit of single domain hosting and very few email account associated with the account.

Overall Bluehost is considerably good and can be suggested to old/new bloggers, business starters out there who consider traffic management and the feature rich aspects

BlueHost Review
Bluehost is a good hosting company providing the feature packed hosting services. Its rich features make it stand out as a major competitor in the hosting market. It is reliable, easy to use with its cPanel integration, suitable for beginners at the same time to professionals. Uptimes are much better than other hosting providers. Security is the top-notch form factor of it. By the way, a little discouragement for the support feature, their support team doesn't stand out well. Bluehost hosting is a quiet expensive in some aspects though its a good value for money.
Navigable cPanel, SEO Friendly setups
One click WordPress Installation
Self help support knowledge based
Server response time is amazing
Free domain, promotional and coupon codes.
Customer support is not up to the mark
Bit pricy than other hostings
Bluehost uptime effects with some plugins
Out of 10

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