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4 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Shift to Cloud Hosting

Reasons Why Bloggers Should Shift to Cloud Hosting
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4 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Shift to Cloud Hosting

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If you are someone who loves to express your thoughts and opinions with people, then blogging would definitely be perfect for you. There is nothing like the feeling of satisfaction after seeing your words make a difference to thousands of people online. And when it comes to blogging, just having the thought process and writing skills is not enough. You also need to have a technically sound platform which includes your blog website, that is fast, simple and SEO friendly and the right web hosting to back it up.

In this post, we shall discuss 4 reasons why you as a blogger should consider shifting to a Cloud Hosting Provider.

1. Improves Performance

In order to flourish as a blogger, two things are very important. First is great content that makes people come back time and again and second is a really good user experience. User experience includes the speed of the website and no downtime. The chances of downtime are greatly reduced with Cloud Hosting as there is a pool of servers assigned to host your site and if one fails, it is replaced by a different server on the cloud.

Similarly, in terms of performance and speed, Cloud Hosting works well as there are multiple servers sharing the load of hosting your website. Moreover, a lot more resources are available as and when needed because the whole Cloud Hosting environment is scalable.

2. Cloud Hosting Saves Costs

Who doesn’t want to save some money? We all do! One great way of increasing blogger ROI is reduced costs. Cloud Hosting is designed to be a cost-effective but high-performance hosting type. Since the resources needed to host websites are shared across multiple servers on the Cloud, everyone ends up paying less for the resources. Moreover, some of the Cloud Hosting plans also allow you to only pay for the resources that you have utilized for the month. This puts you directly into the driver’s seat with respect to your next billing cycle.

3. Better Reliability

When your website goes down and users cannot access it, the chances of those users coming back to your site are really low. That way you can lose out on loyal followers. Which is why it is very essential to ensure your website is up and running all the time. The architecture of Cloud Hosting is such that it takes away any kind of single point of failure. What this means is that even if one server fails, the website utilizes a backup server from the server pool. This drastically increases the reliability of the hosting.

4. Scalable Hosting Resources

Blogging has evolved over time. You may start with just text-based blogs. But to flow with the growing trends, you might want to move to Vlogs. They are definitely more engaging and also occupy a lot of space. Bloggers do not want to be limited by storage space and hosting resources like CPU and memory to express their ideas. With Cloud Hosting, resource scalability is really easy and depending upon your blogs needs, hosting resources like CPU, RAM and storage space can be added at a click of a button.

Wrapping Up With The Reasons Why Bloggers Should Shift to Cloud Hosting

Having such features in your hosting package greatly helps you in the long term as you can efficiently scale up and be rest assured about the performance and engagement on your blog. If you require any further clarity on these aspects, please feel free to talk about what you need in the comments section below.

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